Aldís Amah Hamilton

Aldís Amah Hamilton is an actress of Icelandic and African-American descent. Born in Germany, she grew up in Reykjavík, Iceland, and is fluent in both Icelandic and English. Hailing from a family of artists, she dabbled in dance and singing before eventually settling on acting.

Aldís studied at the Icelandic Academy for the Arts (previously The National Theatre School), and graduated from the acting programme in the spring of 2016. Prior to graduating she had started shooting the TV series Prisoners (Fangar), where she played the role of Natalie. Aldís made her stage debut at the National Theatre of Iceland that same year, playing the role of Desdemona in Othello

Aldís’s film and television roles include Dísa in theNetflixco-production Valhalla Murders; Sandra in Vultures and a role in the soon to be released Netflix Original Series Katla, directed by Baltasar Kormákur.
This winter Aldís will be performing the role of Rósa in the upcoming TV series Fractures, and will revisit the National Theatre as part of the stage ensemble Elefant. She will also perform with the Reykjavík Ensemble theatre group.
Aldís has secured the lead role in the upcoming television production Black Sands, directed by Baldvin Z, of which she is also co-writer. The shooting of Black Sands is slated to begin in March 2021. 
Along with her film and stage work, Aldís is playing the lead role of Ryn in the Icelandic adventure video game The Darken, which is set to debut in 2021. Aldís has performed in numerous television commercials, including spots for Burt’s Bees, Icelandair, and Showtime. She is the Icelandic voiceover artist for the character General Mayhem in the film Lego: The Movie 2 and for Namarii in the upcoming Disney film Raya and the Last Dragon.