Arnór Björnsson

Arnór Björnsson is an actor and a playwright/screenwriter born in 1998. Arnór studies in Iceland’s University of the Arts and is set to graduate with a BA in acting in spring of 2022.
At the age of fourteen, Arnór wrote and starred in the hit play “The Teenager” (Unglingurinn) in Hafnarfjordur Theatre. The show would go on for two years, touring Iceland, Norway, Poland and China. Arnór was nominated for two Icelandic Theatre awards (Gríman) for “The Teenager”; one for best newcomer and the other for best children’s play of the year.
After the success of “The Teenager” Arnór wrote two more plays for Hafnarfjordur Theatre: “The Rise of Steve” (Stefán Rís) in 2016 and “My First” (Fyrsta Skiptið) in 2018. “My First” has now been translated to English and is currently touring fringe festivals around the world.
During this time Arnór also wrote a novel “The search for the teenager’s purpose” (Leitin að Tilgangi Unglingsins). The book went on to be Iceland’s highest selling youth targeted book of 2015. In 2018 Arnór took part in “Rocky Horror” in the Reykjavík City Theatre as a dancer.
In 2020 Arnór produced, directed, wrote and starred in his own TV series “Makes No Sense” (Meikar Ekki Sens). It aired on the Icelandic TV channel “Sjónvarp Símans”

Since 2021 Arnór has been writing the hit childrens show “Stundin Okkar” for Iceland’s National Broadcasting Service (RÚV). “Stundin Okkar” is Iceland’s longest running TV programme ever.