Kristín Þóra Haraldsdóttir

Kristin Thora Haraldsdottir is an Icelandic award winning actress, born in Reykjavik and raised in Scotland, England and Iceland. 

In the Sundance award-winning And Breathe Normally (Andið eðlilega), directed by Ísold Uggadóttir, Kristin portrays Lára, a struggling single mother.  For her portrayal, Kristin Thora recived  the honour of being one of 10 European Shooting stars at the Berlinale in the year 2018. In Baldvin Z’s Let me Fall (Lof Mér að Falla) Kristin took on the role of Magnea, who is struggling with life after many years of drug abuse.  Kristin was nominated for both her roles in And Breath Normally and Let me fall to Eddan the Icelandic academy awards and won for her role in Let me fall. Kristin has also appeared in television series in Iceland, such as the award-winning Prisoners (Fangar) by Ragnar Bragason and Stella Blomkvist by Oskar Thor Axelsson and The Valhalla Murders by Thordur Palson.
Alongside her career in film and television, Kristin continues to perform on stage, both in the City Theatre in Reykjavik and the National Theatre of Iceland.  Her roles range from comedy to drama, classical to modern, in supporting roles to lead actress. For her work in theater she has been nominated three times for Eddan and six times for the Icelandic Theater Awards, winning the award for Best Actress in a supporting role in 2015, and receiving an Icelandic Honorary Award for Outstanding work as an actress in 2014.

Kristin is known for her heartfelt portrayal of her characters in demanding roles, with directorsproducers and co-workers recognizing her for her professionalism and dedication on set.


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