Logi Bergmann

Logi Bergmann is an Icelandic media personality, and has been a regular guest on Icelanders’ television screens for about thirty years. However, he began his career as a sports reporter at a small newspaper called Þjóðviljinn in 1987. 
Logi started his television carrier at RÚV, (The National Broadcasting Service) in 1991 where he went from sports to news anchor in a few years, as well as hosting various programmes. In 2005 Logi joined Stöð 2 where he hosted his own quiz and talk shows. In 2018 Logi signed with K100, Morgunblaðið and Sjónvarp Símans, where he now divides his time between his daily radio show, Síminn’s English Premium League football shows, and writing a weekly column in Morgunblaðið. Logi is an experienced moderator as well as an MC.
Logi is also the author of the book, The Prankster’s Manual,  and his lecture Everybody Loves the Prankster takes his audience through ten easy steps on how to boost workplace morale with a few good (and caring) pranks . 
Logi has a special fondness for Eurovision and finds the Greek song SAGAPO from 2002 to be greatly underestimated.