Oddur Júlíusson

Oddur is an Icelandic actor based in Reykjvavík, Iceland. He graduated with a Bachelor degree in acting from Iceland University of the Arts the spring of 2013. Since then he has been studying improv and took a five-week intensive workshop in iO Theatre in Chicago the summer of 2017. He also trains Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Mjölnir MMA gym. 
Straight after graduation in 2013 he started working in The National Theatre of Iceland where he has been a resident artist ever since and therefore has mainly been working on stage. Over these years he has played in many productions; comedy, drama, classical, childrens and modern. For example he has played the roles of Demetrius in Midsummer Night’s Dream, Behemot in Master and Margarita and Damis in Tartuffe. In the National Theatre he has also worked as an assistant director. Alongside the theatre he has been a member of the improv group Improv Iceland since 2014 were they do weekly shows in The National Theatre’s basement. 
Oddur has played in various projects for TV and films. He played in the tv-series Happily Never After (2019) and in the movies Metalhead (2013), Vultures (2018) and Gullregn (2020). He is also playing one of the main roles in the tv-series The Minister, premiered the fall of 2020. Oddur has two times played in Áramótaskaupið, the New Years Eve comedy sketch show.
Since his teenage years, Oddur has been in many bands / projects and is a self-tought musician playing drums, guitar and singing. He was a member of the band The Heavy Experience wich releashed two albums over the years of 2010-2013. Oddur has also written music for stage in The National Theatre of Iceland

Oddur has three times been nominated for The Icelandic Theatre Award: Gríman 
,,Best music’’ for the play Ofsi (2015)
,,Best supporting actor’’ in the play ≈[Almost Equal To] (2016)
,,Best childrens play’’ for the play Oddur og Siggi (2018)


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