Pétur Óskar

Pétur Óskar graduated from the prestigious Cours Florent drama school in Paris in 2014.  While still at school Pétur attended an extensive workshop at the Schaubühne Theater in Berlin where he worked with directors such as Thomas Ostermeier and Grazyna Dylag. His love for the German acting world has shaped and enriched his career tremendously. He speaks German, English and French fluently.  He has acted in various German and French films and theater projects as well as Luxembourgish TV-Series.

In 2015 Pétur moved to Iceland to further pursue his acting career and re-connect with his motherland. He landed one of the leading roles in the movie Grimmd and he also starred in And Breathe Normally. Pétur is best known for his role as detective Tryggvi in Trapped 2. Most recently he has starred in the TV-series Blackport produced by Vesturport. He also just finished a theatre project called Polishing Iceland by Reykjavík International Ensemble of which he is a part of.  He has also been in advertisement campaigns for international companies such as Levi’s and Swarovski as well as national campaigns.

Besides his acting career Pétur has built an extensive music career where he goes under the name of Oscar Leone. His songs are folk-influenced and could be described as Arcade Fire meets Edward Sharpe; relatable sing-along with touching emotions and authenticity. He has released four songs, which were placed in the national charts for weeks on end. For his music video for his first single Superstar he received a nomination for the Icelandic Music Awards, which is quite uncommon for a newcomer. Pétur splits his time between his music and acting career in accordance with how the flow is at each moment.