Rebecca Scott Lord

Rebecca Scott Lord is an American born and Reykjavík based stand-up comedian, writer, script-writer, and performer. She received her BA in fine arts in 2014 in Baltimore, Maryland, and later came to Iceland to get her MFA in performance at the Iceland University of the Arts in 2018. Her work spans many genres, from comedy with stand-up group Fyndnustu mínar, to her graduation show DJ Daddy Issues, a karaoke therapy performance, to her recently published book of collected erotica, Drenched Dreams. 

Upplýsingar og bókanir á

Stand up

Rebecca’s stand up will make you laugh, make you cry, and definitely make you relate. She explores themes from  her personal life, as well as her experiences and observations of Icelandic culture as an útlendingur (and no, there isn’t a single joke about the price of beer). If you’re lucky, you might even get a sneak preview reading of a chapter of one of her upcoming romance novels (past chapters including Amazon, Primal, Bublé and the Beast, and the seminal classic 50 Shades of Gísli Marteinn).

Team building and parties

Rebecca offers team building sessions for companies as well as group bonding and fun activities for parties, bachelorette and otherwise. This could be an erotic reading, a cocktail tutorial, or something which is a complete surprise.