Vilhelm Neto

Vilhelm Neto is an actor and comedian. He graduated Copenhagen International School of Performing Arts, CISPA, spring of 2019. Since then he has been in high demand as an entertainer and has performed as a stand-up comedian and Master of Ceremonies in numerous occasions.
He has also worked in countless commercials, movies and in Iceland’s most watched show that is aired at the end of every year, or “Skaupið”. Now he’s been working on a tv-show that is set to premiere in September, where he plays the lead role.

Alongside this, he’s been working as a radio and TV personality for Iceland’s National Radio (RÚV). Vilhelm is part of the stand-up group VHS, which has had successful shows all around Iceland and has had a TV special shown at RÚV. He is also known for the sketches that he posts regularly online.


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