Edda Björgvinsdóttir

Edda Björgvins is an actress and a motivational speaker. From starting out as a drama actress to become one of the best known comediennes in Iceland, working in films, on stage, in TV, in radio, founding various projects and her own production company, today most of her time goes into being an actress, international speaker, lecturer, entertainer, writer and a “play doctor” for other writers working on their scripts. Edda is now an actress at The National Theatre in Iceland. She has also been nominated, and granted various awards.

Over the last 25 years Edda has been busy lecturing and training people in many different fields of professions, let alone an array of leaders, managers, directors, executives and politicians, in “performing” their various jobs, in front of an “audience,” i.e. how to give speeches successfully, development of communication skills, diction, voice projection, all of which are based on her experience in the performing arts, with the motto „Humor in the workplace.”

Her countless trainees have covered all forms of governmental personnel, from civilian employees to ministers in the government, members of parliament, free enterprise executivesand live performers.